An engagement with Print Possibilities will feel different and net different results than a typical meeting with an average print vendor.  It is an investigative process in which the driving vision is improving total cost of ownership of each client's printing, packaging, and production operations. 

Print Possibilities constantly seeks ways to increase brand exposure and ROI through each printed piece sent to market. In order to make all of this happen, PPI strives to get to know your business inside and out in order to recommend improvement possibilities that make business sense. 

The vast majority of printers and brokers of the world will simply show up at your doorstep looking for samples to provide a cheap route to complete your project.  Print Possibilities shows up wanting to know what, where, when, how, and most of all, why. Only then will you endlessly see that Print Possibilities Pays.

Print Possibilities Client Benefits:

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

            • ROI Analysis

            • Project Buying Cycle Analysis

            • Identify ways to positively effect top line and bottom line

Vendor Consolidation

            • One stop shop for all printing, packaging & production needs

            • Shrink Average Lead Times

            • Constantly Seek Operational Quality Improvements

            • Increase Supplier Efficiency Through a Single Point of Contact

            • Time Savings Including an Impeccable Response Time

Custom Inventory Programs

            • Increase Production & Operational Efficiency

            • Shrink Lead Times through on demand order releases

            • Provide Cost Savings

            • Proactive Manage Client Productive Inventory

Material Expertise

            • Provide Recommendations to Potentially Decrease Cost

            • Maintain or Exceed Quality Expectations

On-Site Consultation

            • Analyze our Client's Printing Operations

            • Craft Itemized Plan of Action

            • Create TCO Objectives

Unique Characteristics of a Print Purveyor

  1. Ability to work with any size client in any industry
  2. Evaluate artwork to produce optimal finished product on press
  3. Quickly builds win/win relationships through listening and questioning coupled with a highly energetic, infectious personality.
  4. Applies capabilities to ease business pains and solve business issues.
  5. Partners with clients looking to grow their revenue and profits through marketing, printing, and production.
  6. Strong Grasp of both Chicago and National Market

What are some Shortcomings of working with a typical Print Broker?

Honestly, how much time do you have?

• Lack of True Communication between Client & Vendor

• Simply looking for biggest profit margin for themselves

• No Genuine Interest Clients' Success

• Minimal Value for Clients' Hard Earned Money

• Little to no experience with Artwork